Bibich Winery Croatia Skradin - Dalmatia indigenous grapes and award winning wines

Bibich Winery Skradin Croatia

Bibich Winery is indisputably the top destination for wine and food enthusiasts. Their exemplary representation of "Mediterranean Wines" is renowned. Situated near the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the ancient Croatian town of Skradin, their knowledge of good living has been passed down through generations, making them the ultimate choice for wine and gourmet lovers

Bibich Vina je nedvojbeno top destinacija za ljubitelje vina i hrane. Smješteni u Skradinu (Plastovo) - od 1.500 godine proizvode vina od lokalnih i svjetskih sorti poput Debita, Plavine, Lasina, Babića, Pošipa, Merlota i Shiraza. Bibich vina su gastronomski jedna od najčuvenijih mjesta za uživanje u spoju okusa skradinskog rižota i dobrog vina. Bibich vina se nalaze na svjetskoj sceni u najboljim restoranima u Kanadi, SAD, Japanu i Švedskoj. Njihovu kvalitetu prepoznali su razni svjetski putnici poput Anthony Bourdaina koji je za Bibich Vina rekao da mu je to jedna od najboljih pustolovina u životu.

Creative cuisine by our chef Vesna Bibich, using local ingredients in a modern way. Performed in our Experience Room, you will hear and taste our family story through the art of both fine wine and food. Discover the unique experience of Bibich Winery tasting room and a Dalmatian-style courtyard. We offer a range of wine tastings, along with a selection of wines available by the glass or bottle. Complement your choice with our crafted natural cocktails. For food, enjoy our assortment of small bites, and a selection of bistro-style dishes. At the beautiful location in the untouched nature, in the same-named iconic six-hectare vineyard, we rebuilt two vineyard houses that were home of the estate keeper in the past. Bas de Bas vineyard is planted with varieties Syrah, Merlot and Sauvignon blanc and gives one of the best Croatian wines – Bibich Winery Bas de Bas. Vineyards are grown ecologically and the houses are self-sustainable.