Wines made using low intervention principles. Produced using techniques our ancestors used.
Domaine BIBICh Think Pink Rose

Think Pink

Plastovo, Bas de Bas
100% Shiraz

Think Pink is a fresh and savory syrah rose fermented with indigenous yeasts and minimal intervention. Unique properties of two of our Syrah micro-locations mixed into one.

Domaine BIBICh Crno


80% Shiraz, 20% Plavina

Unusual combination of varietals ferment- ed with indigineous yeasts using minimal intervention. Plavina used to water down thick bloody syrah created this amaz- ing herbal potion we like to call CRNO (“black”).

Domaine BIBICh Plavina


100% Plavina

100% Plavina fermented with indigenous yeasts and minimal intervention. A pure expression of the varietal.

Domaine BIBICh Žutina


Plastovo and Promina vineyards
100% Debit

Žutina is an old traditional way of making wine in Dalmatia. Pure debit, fermented with indigenous yeasts and macerated for 30 days with minimal intervention. A true homage to our elders.

Domaine BIBICh Cuvee


50% Plavina, 30% Lasin, 20% Babić

A traditional field blend of the three varieties found in almost every vineyard in our micro-location. So deeply rooted in us, it would be a sin not to make it alive. Fermented with indigenous yeasts and minimal intervention.

Domaine BIBICh Bilo


100% Debit

Debit in its purest form. Shortly macerated with minimal intervention. Extremely ripe and fresh, while being unbelievably drinakable makes this a perfect everyday white.